Layering Ideas

Layering is always up to the style of the wearer and in no way can I restrict you from mixing and matching whatever you want. These are just some tips that can help you if you are stumped or have just started experimenting with layering. 

One of the first pairings designed would be our Nerida Choker and Naia Necklace that both incorporate the same elements using similar charms for that complete mermaid vibe.

This can works with earrings as well. Our Delphine Dangles and Tilikum Choker match nicely with our marine animal charms on each.


Sometimes adding a single pop of colour would just the right touch to complete the whole outfit. This pairing does just that with the striking blue Larimar pendant of our Sirena Choker, complementing our more neutral Nerida Choker.

Sometimes framing a piece with similar elements is just the elegant touch an outfit needs. Here, the shell charm of our Naia Necklace is framed elegantly with the pearls of our Cordelia Necklace.