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Unable to find the information you need below? Just email us at, or fill out a form on our Contact Us page.


1. Where do you ship to?

We currently ship both domestically and internationally, all information regarding shipping can be found on our Shipping page.

2. When will my order be shipped?

Most of our jewellery are made-to-order, meaning that the piece will only be made after the order has been placed. Please allow for 2-3 weeks for us to complete the process of making the pieces you have purchased.

Our other products do have a 1-2 week processing time as well to ensure standards are met.

Once shipped, a fulfilment email will be sent to your inbox with the shipping number, if you have selected registered shipping.

3. Why is my order taking so long even after I received the fulfilment email? 

While we do our best to ensure that everything is in order for your order to reach you smoothly, do understand that once the order leaves our hands, we no longer have any control over how fast the post office processes and delivers your order.

Do understand that with the Covid-19 pandemic, many postal services will experience delays with their delivery times, both domestically and internationally.

Do reach out to contact your local post office to enquire about your order while we try our best at our end to ensure that your package reaches you smoothly. 



1. What metals do you use?

Currently, we offer two types of metals in our store, which will be made known in the item description of each product.

1. 14K Gold-fill

This metal is an affordable alternative to solid gold, and is made from bonding a thick layer of gold onto a brass core. 

This allows the jewellery piece to be both tarnish and waterproof. 

2. Gold-plated brass

This metal contains a thinner layer of gold bonded to a brass core, and is cheaper than gold-filled metal. 

However, it is not recommended to use these pieces frequently in water as it will tarnish over time.

2. My piece does not look exactly like the jewellery in the picture?

Most of our pieces are handmade, and thus lack the strict consistent robotic precision if they were made in a factory.

While we do our best to make the jewellery resemble the piece in the picture, do understand that due to human error, not all pieces will look alike. However, you are more than welcome to indicate the need for a photo of your order before shipping in the notes at the checkout page.

3. Why do the gemstones all look so different?

All of our pieces that include gemstones use real gemstones from Mother Earth, and thus each piece is unique with its own patterns and colouring.

4. A design that I want is out of stock.

There will be an indication in the item description if a piece will be restocked or not. 

If there is an indication that there will be a restock, but it is sold out at the moment, do indicate your interest in the item in our Contact Us page and we will let you know in advance when a restock will occur.

5. I lost one of my earrings.

Do reach out to us in our Contact Us page and we will be happy to create a custom invoice at 50% the cost of a pair (excluding shipping).